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40% ABV. (700 ML.)

Place of Origin: Belgium

The first association of a colonist comes to us as from Columbus times when Europeans started to explore the seas and the first ones landed on America’s shores. However, the word “Colonist” can be perceived as ‘the first’ in any rough, habited or inhabited land, sea, planet... It is an adventure, the beginning of many promising things, fortunes, opportunities.

We wanted to create a strong emotional, full in details, eye-catching rum both in design and taste. This particular spirit will challenge the usual perception of rum. In flavour, it will be rounded, sweet and smooth. However, it still demonstrates a punch you would expect from a Caribbean aged rum. The Colonist - the word itself is used to describe adventurous, fearless, strong and smart people. As our rum comes from the Caribbean, we enriched our design with plenty of colourful birds and plants from the area.

Colour: Light black.

Nose: Bananas, chocolate and light coffee tones.

Palate: Dried fruits, intense, full-body, very ripe tropical fruits and coffee mix.

Finish: Long-lasting caramel and spices. Drawing from its rich Caribbean heritage, The Colonist Spiced Black Rum is the perfect blend of rum and all-natural, locally sourced secret spices. Try its distinctly smooth flavour neat or in deliciously cocktail.