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40% ABV. (700 ML.)

Place of Origin: France


Signature of the Massenez know-how, this Ginger carafe is the symbol of the perfect distillation of the ginger roots. Its aromas are typical of Ginger with no strange note. Surprising fresh taste, with a first dynamic attack…then evolving toward very delicate and floral notes at the end.

GE Massenez Eau de vie Gingembre Carafe is a unique development by Massenez, which is based on the perfect mastery of distillation using ginger root.

Brandy colour is transparent with light reflections characteristic of this type of drink.

The aroma clearly senses the rich smell of ginger, which proves the excellent choice of rhizomes in the process and the skill of distillation.

Taste is distinguished by its intensity and flexibility, typicality and perseverance. In the beginning, the intense note of ginger appears, and at the end, a light floral note, distinguished by elegance and freshness.

It is recommended to use in pure form or in cocktails.