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46% ABV. (700 ML.)

Place of Origin: Scotland

Rich Sherry Highland Style Whisky

Located in Aberdeenshire, the Jericho distillery was founded in 1822. It closed in 1913. In Scotland in the 20th century, over 100 distilleries met with the same fate. Bringing these distilleries back to life by delving into the past to better move towards the future is the goal that drives the founders of the Lost Distillery Company.

Appearance: Polished bronze.

Nose: Simultaneously firm and unctuous. The initial nose is characterized by notes of citrus fruit zest, vanilla, precious wood, and polish. It gradually becomes spiced (pepper, cinnamon, cloves). Its earthy character gradually settles in alongside refined notes of dried peat and cigar smoke.

Palate: Balanced, smooth. A basket overflowing with fresh fruit (pear, apple, plum), the attack on the palate also has a honeyed side (acacia). The midpalate is incredibly voluptuous (vanilla flan, prune cake). Over time, it becomes herbaceous (verbena, sage) and malty. Ginger root and a clutch of green asparagus stalk finally emphasize its tannic side.

Overall: Long, sweet. Sugar-packed tangerines rub shoulders with Bourbon vanilla pods. Then, in a burst of freshness, it develops vegetal notes (grass, ivy). With unbelievable softness and mellowness, the retro-nasal olfaction shifts towards a more exotic (pineapple, coconut) register. The empty glass exudes liquor ice and chocolate-scented peat.