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25% ABV. (720 ML.)

Place of Origin: Japan

Be particular about the rice

The first step in producing sake is rice farming. Our Kurodo workers cultivate rice paddy fields to produce suitable rice (Hyogo Kitanishiki) for making sake. Standards define that rice suitable for sake making has a large grain of 25g per 1000 grains. This rice contains less protein and fat. When our own rice production is not sufficient to meet demand, we source other first grade grains which have passed strict inspections. Being particular about each rice grain is the key to making great sake.

Production method: By lowering the temperature of sake to -10 ° C or lower, the water content of the sake is frozen, and by extracting the liquid with a high alcohol content that has not been frozen, sake with concentrated ingredients of sake is completed. It is an excellent method that can be concentrated without changing the component distribution of the original liquid, unlike distilled spirits.

Taste: This is sake that condenses the taste of sake. This is a sake that gives you a taste of mild dry Junmai sake and the taste and lingering taste of rice. It goes well with rich dishes such as meat dishes and Chinese dishes, and desserts and sweets after meals. A new type of sake that tastes similar to whiskey, but also has the unique taste of sake in spiciness.