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12% ABV. (720 ML.)

Place of Origin: Japan

We made plum wine that pickled plum fruit for about 3 months. Slowly adding sweetness using rock candy and extracting the plum extract resulted in rich plum wine. The alcohol used to pickle plums is Kasumitsuru's original sake and distilled sake made from rice, which has a good flavour and a mild taste.

The primary ingredients of Shubo, namely malt, steamed rice and water, are put into a wooden tank. The Toji is stirring and crushing the steamed rice carefully by wooden paddles. This process is called Yamaoroshi. This process is very time consuming and requires a high degree of skill. Our company has been conducting this traditional process for a long time. We are proud to affirm that our product Kasumitsuru is made at one of the very few sake breweries that continue to use the Kimoto method.

These are the basic steps in making sake. Each stage in the process relies on the Toji’s skills and experience to produce an outstanding product. After pulling out the plum fruit, it is transferred to a stainless steel tank for a marriage of the plum extract and alcohol and stored for more than one year before shipping.