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40% ABV. (1,000 ML.)

Place of Origin: Scotland

Johnny Walker Double Black is inspired by the unique flavour of Johnny Walker Black Label by pulling the flavour to be reinterpreted to be even darker. This new flavour is influenced by whiskey on the west coast and the islands of Scotland. For maximum enjoyment, mix it with just a little water to unlock a deep, sophisticated flavour with the smell of spices and smoked dry cigarettes. Make you impressed on all occasions of socializing.


Enjoy Johnny Walker Double Black the way you like it. Whether drinking pure with ice or mixed with your favourite mixer,

we recommend Johnny Walker Double Black on the Rocks. Impeccable serving style.


Johnny Walker Double Black is a whiskey with a strong, intense and powerful flavour, with a firm texture and a subtle smell of dry, smoked cigarettes.

Just the first sip can feel the strong, intense, intense flavour, the distinctive identity of whiskeys from the west coast and the islands of Scotland. The burnt aroma of asphalt and the roots is spread over the aroma of raisins, apples, pears, and oranges. Finally, reveal the sweetness of vanilla and spices. And finished with a mildly astringent flavour From oak and the smell of dry, soft cigarettes spread in the mouth