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40% ABV. (700 ML.)

Place of Origin: Scotland

The Johnnie Walker Black Label is a legendary whiskey that has been honoured as a quality standard for deluxe blends. Created from a mixture of whiskeys that have been aged for over 12 years in all four directions in Scotland. Therefore having a soft, deep and complex flavour Ready for you to impress every opportunity Whole day of rest with friends at home Or enjoying the night of the unforgettable party.


Enjoy Johnny Walker Black Label the way you like it. Whether to drink pure with ice or mix with your favourite mixer.

We would like to recommend the Johnny Walker Black Soda Mix Soda flawless serving style.


Johnny Walker Black Label has a deep, mysterious and mellow taste. With the scent of berry fruit The sweetness of vanilla and the unique smell of dry, smoked cigarettes.

With a special blend of whiskeys aged less than 12 years, Johnnie Walker Black Label combines the distinctive flavours of whiskeys from all four directions in Scotland. Revealing a complex, deep, and pleasing texture The texture gradually picked up on the tongue. Release the sweetness of vanilla The aroma of citrus and the aroma of spices and raisins. Before finishing with the smell of asphalt Root and malt.