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40% ABV. (750 ML.)

Place of Origin: Scotland

"Alexander The second walker was a whiskey master, as well as his father and grandfather, who dedicated their lives to the creation of fine whiskeys.

 In 1920 he was awarded the knighthood by King George V. From the service of his homeland "

John Walker and Sun XR21 were produced in honor of this special occasion. Inspired by Sir's handwriting Alexander The whiskey X-21 is specially created from a variety of rare whiskeys. Johnny's unique formula Walkers that have been fermented for 21 years.

With firmness, balance, and elegance, the XR21 has a strong, sophisticated flavor. Surprise And enjoying at the same time The sweet taste of honey and the spicy aroma is just right. Snakehead under the smell of cigarette, warm, radiating, covered Lemon flavor Ripe fruit of the forest And the caramel swirls into one homogeneous Infused with the smell of tobacco and raisins The soft, smooth taste of the throat and tongue attaches to it, giving a feeling of complexity and impressive. It is a unique texture woven from the asphalt and the tender roots?

You can indulge yourself with John Walker and Sun XR 21 in any style you like. But we advise drinking kosher By pouring in a 45 ml whiskey glass and drinking with freshly poured cold soda.