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43.8% ABV. (700 ML.)

Place of Origin: Australia

Four Pillars is a small Australian distillery in the Yarra Valley whose ambition is to make the best craft spirits in Australia.

To create their Barrel Aged Gin they first batch distil in Wilma then transfer the gin into their solera of nine French oak chardonnay barrels, each with a subtly different character. Every six months, Cameron tastes each barrel and then blends them to create this complex, nuanced and entirely too sippable gin. The barrels have developed nicely which some beautiful secondary characters coming through.

The colour is deeper, as are the flavours. The aromatics are very dense with a lovely intense juniper character supporting preserved orange, coriander and anise. The vanillin tones of the oak are a delight. The palate has continued to develop a line of spice that is rich enough to drink straight or hold up in a cocktail. This will get you through the colder months, especially when served with just one ice cube and the smallest drop of honey.