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47% ABV. (750 ML.)

Place of Origin: United States, Pennsylvania

Revolutionary American Gin with an unprecedented twist.

Bluecoat Distillery is based in Philadelphia and is named after the blue uniforms of the American revolutionaries. Now, the name would imply they don’t like the Brits, but that’s not true. They just like their things shout USA! USA! USA! After the Bluecoats redefined Dry Gin, they decided to go a few steps further and put evolution in Gin Revolution.

Barrel Finished Gin is exactly what the name says: it's aged in new and charred American Oak barrels for at least three months using an old process from the 18th century. What we get is a radical, unparalleled Gin with well-rounded flavours added to the juniper DNA. It's like making a superhero, to be frank. We'd recommend sipping on this badass Gin neat, but you can use it for evergreen cocktails such as the Gin Old Fashioned and Negroni. 

Smartass Corner: Bluecoat Gins are made by Philadelphia Distilling. They were the first craft distiller in Pennsylvania since prohibition. In 2005 when founder Robert Cassell went in to apply for his license, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board officials have to make one up because an official form did not yet exist. 

AGED IN NEW AMERICAN OAK BARRELS: Utilizing a barrel finishing process from the 18th century, Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin is produced by aging Bluecoat American Dry Gin for a minimum of three months, providing a unique, well rounded and complex spirit.

TASTING NOTES: The barrel finishing process enhances the rounder, softer notes and introduces hints of caramel and whiskey without sacrificing juniper or pepper notes. The process marries the flavours together creating a truly unique gin providing an amazingly fragrant and vibrant yet mellow gin.